Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 3-OCT-2021

Rankings updated at: http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

The most matches played over a weekend so far for Tipping Point (nearly 180) bringing the season total to nearly 650 matches. There were 3 League events scheduled for this weekend, for which no results posted to Robot Events. If anyone knows what happened with:


Please reach out to me.

Congratulations to 99999V who debut at number 4 with a strong showing out in California. 1437Z debuts at number 8 from the same tournament, and 3759X rises 20 slots to number 12. While team 38141B picks up 42 slots to number 14 after winning in Indiana.

We saw 2 teams crack 400 points in skills over the weekend, congratulations to 6842Z and 38141B.

AWP for the weekend was nearly 14%, bringing the season average to just over 8%.

This week saw a new total points high, in an extremely close match. 3324Z and 1437V edged out 1469A and 62A in a Quarter Final match by a score of 176 to 175, for a total of 351 points.

Best of luck to all as the season ramps up!


Couple of enhancements to note to the website http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ -

  1. Events tab redone, now able to see on-going League events, as well as up-coming events (anything scheduled in the next 4 weeks)
  2. With teams posting match videos to YouTube, I’ve (manually) added links from matches (both on the Events Research tab and the Team Research tab) to those YouTube videos.

On the last, it’s me just doing in manually; if you have videos, send me the Event Code, Match Number (e.g. Q13 or SF2-1), and the URL (if it’s part of a whole event’s stream, YouTube lets you include the timestamp in the URL)

The intent of the Event Research and Team Research tabs are to help teams scouting, both before an event and during one. The Event Research tab does not auto-refresh, but for live events, it will hit RobotEvents, so one can hit the button during the event to get a live update.


Have you considered automatically pulling links from the “webcast” tab on RobotEvents? It wouldn’t be individual videos for each match but having a link to the whole event stream would be better than nothing if no one’s sent you the individual match video.

I’ve definitely thought about it. I’m going to rant a bit here, perhaps someone from Vex (not sure who would be the proper at, so I’ll @DRow )…

The RobotEvents web-pages do not “dog-food” the RobotEvents REST API. The information presented in the graphical search results contains information not available thru the REST API.

Several examples:

  • The webcast tab as @holbrook suggests
  • The competition dates of League events (only an event’s “start” and “end” date are available)
  • The REST API does have fields which indicate whether an event is “Signature/Worlds/Regional/normal” and whether an event is “Tournament/League”, however the responses from the REST API do not actually map the fields from whatever internal database is being used.
  • No way to differentiate “Live InPerson” events from “Live Remote”

In addition, there seems to be some issue with League events, possibly due to interplay between Tournament Manager and RobotEvents. The end result is that the “Match History” for a League event only shows the most recent competition day’s matches, or sometimes none at all (notably: West Michigan VRC HS/MS Tipping Point Mega League : Robot Events )

Also, the “Team Pages” in Robot Events no longer shows that team’s matches, which it had in prior years.

Not to mention that there are fantastic opportunities to make RobotEvents API on par or exceed TheBlueAlliance, instead of being a lower-quality knock-off. Per-match scoring breakdowns (e.g. who won auton, how many goals did Red have in Home Zone, how many robots did Blue elevate, etc.)

I understand there are probably higher priority items (e.g. such as the GDC responding in a timely manner to Q&A questions), but this is definitely a source of frustration to me.