Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 31-OCT-2021

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Massive weekend with over 1600 matches played, bringing the season total to over 4000 matches played by almost 1700 teams. AWP success rate is just over 9%

@2775Josh didn’t have to wait long to see 500 points cracked for Combined Skills - congrats to both Freedom Gladiators (4082B - more on them later) and Cosmos (29760C). The top 15 skills scores are all over 400 points, congrats to all who have accomplished that so far!

Almost too much movement in the rankings to cover. The highest debut belongs to 580X Patriots out of Texas at number 13.

From what I saw of the Livestream, the Haunted Signature Event in Brentwood was an amazing competition - tremendous organization, and a lot of dedication by everyone involved. Iron Eagles-Echelon (team 9394E) and Freedom Gladiators (4082B) edged out PiBotics (38141B) and Mass Extinction (8481Z) in a thrilling Best of Three. All 4 teams massively improved in the rankings with Gladiators and PiBotics now the top 2 teams.

Congratulations to all teams, hopefully everyone has analyzed what went well and what can be improved after these early competitions as the season heats up. Next weekend looks to have a substantial number of events as the season really heats up.

Best wishes to all competitors!


Also of note:

  • On each of the Event and Team Research pages, Awards are now displayed.
  • There are over 400 match video links

I should be posting the rest of the matches I recorded from the competition in a Apopka later this week, so expect some more to be out soon.


Feel free to DM me with the event name (or event code), the match number, and the link!

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