Tipping Point Worlds Interview - 1274A

I know most coaches have moved on to the new season, but Tipping Point Worlds was my last event as a head coach. As my full team graduated, I move into retirement (although I will continue to volunteer at local events). After 7 years of managing teams, it is awfully quiet this fall…

So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw that my team’s interview with the incomparable Bob Mimlitch was published. Since my guys never quite got around to making that long talked about reveal, I guess this will have to do. VEX Worlds 2022 - Interview with Igneous Robotics - Robot Design

For those of you who never got to see it in person, 1274A (Igneous Robotics) has a pretty unique approach with a number of highly complex mechanisms. In spite of it being very different from the meta (and getting its fair share of criticism because of it), the team was pretty successful. For most of the year, they were in the top 20 at VRC-data-analysis (great work on that site BTW). Semifinalist, finalist, and semifinalist at 3 signature events. Finalist at East PA states and Divisional Semifinalists at Worlds. And a variety of awards as well (including Build at Worlds).

Anyway, with everyone moving on (and with the team’s permission), I am happy to share anything and everything about the robot, including software and notebook. The idea is to open source it all. Just let me know what questions you may have. I may need to chase down the guys at their universities to get answers, so may not always be prompt in responding if I don’t know the answer myself.

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The end of an era from Igneous. Sad to see you all go, we had a hell of a time competing against you! Best of luck to all members (and coaches) in their future endeavors.


Honestly one of the most innovative robots throughout the season. Sucks it was your last season but excited to see what y’all will do in college! Crane bot OP!!


But why the need to retire?
I am sure there are many other new teams that would love to have an experience mentor.


I recently received the following email:

We are kicking off the REC Foundation Mentorship Program presented by Google (formerly Google MOVERs) for the 2022-23 competition season, and we are looking for both Mentor and Mentee coaches who work with either the VRC (middle and high school) and VIQC (elementary and middle school) programs. The RECF Mentorship Program’s goal is to have our Mentor Coaches and their teams share their invaluable experiences and expertise with our Mentee Coaches and their teams to encourage them to be awesome, show them the ropes, and build an even stronger robotics community.
Mentor Coaches:
o	have a minimum of three years coaching VEX Robotics
o	have a minimum of two teams registered for the 2022/23 season
o	have the ability to meet remotely or in-person with their Mentee Teams 
o	commit their teams to meet with the Mentee Team(s) at least 12 hours a month (can be remotely during regular meeting times)
o	have the opportunity to collaborate with a Workforce Support Volunteer on soft-skills mentoring
o	will have a “historian” student for each Mentee Team to document the process (and are encouraged to apply for the Community Award Online Challenge)
 Mentee Coaches:
o	are new or novice coaches who may need some extra support
o	will register 1-3 teams (funding per team, up to 3 teams)
o	will attend at least one event by the end of February
o	will coach their team(s) to submit at least one Online Challenge per team
o	will meet with Mentor Coach at least 12 hours per month (can be remotely during regular meeting times)

All coaches will receive a stipend based on the number of teams they work with, if all requirements are met.

All coaches will receive either a gift card per team coached (Mentor Coaches) or a grant package of equipment needed to compete per registered team (Mentee Coaches). 

All Mentee Coaches will also receive team registration for up to 3 teams.  If 3 teams are registered, they will also qualify for a competition field and game elements.

If you are interested, please fill out our REC Foundation 2022-23 Season Grant and mark that you are interested in the RECF Mentor Program presented by Google.  We will follow up with you for further information to make sure you are matched up in the best way possible.

I wonder if any of those requirements could be relaxed for coaches such as the OP, if he were to want to continue coaching/mentoring.


I was lucky enough to scorekeep for Engineering this year. Really outstanding work all around that your group put together. Your robot was one of my favorites.

Wishing your group all the best in what will assuredly be some blindingly bright futures.


Thanks for the kind words! Happy you got to see it up close. This is probably my favorite picture of from near your vantage point.


When I say retire, that is from being the head coach of a team. I do plan to help out any team that needs/wants a mentor, but will not be able to commit the time to take full responsibility for a team and all that includes. But would be too hard to walk away completely. My own kids got so much from their involvement, that I absolutley want to continue to give back.