Tipping Point


I apologize if this has already been answered. I am excited, but overwhelmed with getting set up for an upcoming LRT for 3 groups.

We are getting set up for our first LRT. The LRT Field and Technology Inspection Checklist states that
“Computer, camera, and playing field which are designated for use by LRT system are dedicated solely for the purpose of the LRT system by a single team for the duration of the event.”

  1. Is this a loose rule to avoid 2 local teams to avoid playing eachother? (if yes, maybe 1 of the teams can just take a loss)
  2. Is there a way to have 3 different teams play on the same field throughout an LRT?
  3. If 2) is yes - do we need a separate laptop for each robot?
  4. Has anyone dealt with this? We are a school group that only has 1 field, but 3 robots/teams hoping to compete.

Are we sunk?

Screenshot 2022-02-07 161510

I mean according to the rule it states 1 team. But given that fields are expensive and schools may not have one for each team I would think vex would consider this. To be sure I would make an official Q&A post. Here is the official Q&A site.


I would also check forums for previous posts regarding this topic it seems like it would be a addressed issue.

There is no way for the scheduling system to avoid teams from the same school playing with each other. So if you only have one field available, there is no way you can accommodate more than one team playing in the same LRT.

However, because LRT matches are 1v1, and only one match is being played at any given time, if you have 3 or more teams, the worst case scenario is that two of your teams are playing against each other. Therefore you could in theory accommodate arbitrarily many teams with just two fields. Each team would still need their own laptop and webcam, so they can all stay logged into the LRT system throughout the entire tournament, and you would want to be able to easily move the cameras (maybe each team’s setup is on a cart or something) so that you can point each camera at an available field as needed.

That said, while such a setup would work, and I think it should be fine from a gameplay/fairness perspective, it does not match the inspection item in your screenshot above. So if this is something you’re considering doing, you should get in touch with your RECF Team Engagement Manager and/or the EP for the event to confirm this is OK ahead of time.


Makes sense. Another field for a few LRTs is cost prohibitive in our situation. I will probably make an official Q+A post to check.

We are considering having multiple camera/laptop combos ready for the independent inspections and hope we don’t get matched up.