Tips/advice for a new programmer?

I am kinda new to vex this year being my first, I have some experience with c++ in general, and some experience with different APIs such as arduino. Next year I will be practically on my own, I plan on using pros next year. Any advice?.

Just code until you learn to code well.

I would recommend learning a few key concepts of C++, like loops, functions, and some basic object-orientated programming. Learn C++ is a great resource that has been mentioned in the forum before. It’s a lot of reading, but it does cover a good portion of the aspects of C++ that you’ll most likely encounter in VEX. In addition, there’s a wonderful series of PROS tutorials done by 4411S. And, of course, the VEX Forum is a great place to ask questions or search for programming tutorials/tips.


Learn all the vex specific functions. I’m just starting to code as well and the biggest obstacle I’ve faced are things like
How to declare motors
How to use motors
How to get readouts
Hoe to control stuff.

The logic shouldnt be too hard

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