Tips for building an intake for squared away

Hi guys, i was hoping for some tips, tricks and maybe even some instructions on a design for an intake to pick up the balls for squared away

You are probably not gonna get instructions here, but if you look on YouTube, there are plenty of videos that will help.


i have but i was hoping for some instruction or other ideas but thanks!

So publishing build instructions is pretty discouraged. The vex community sponsors the idea of taking inspiration from others, but copying piece for piece sort of defeats the purpose. That’s what LEGO sets are for.

If your looking for ball intake ideas, I’d recommend taking a look at the Vex EDR nothing but net or turning point games. Sprockets with rubber bands stretched across them (referred to as rubber band rollers) were extremely common, and are applicable to vex iq.


Intakes from the VEXIQ Bank Shot game are also worth looking at.

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Take a look at this thread

@cheetah0606 are u looking at for balls or cubes
if cubes Need ideas for rack gear stopper has a really good pics of a good cube intake
if balls then look at what @FlyingRobot2917X said

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