Tips for Design Award at Worlds?


I’m a first-year captain, and this year will be the first year any of our team members participates in a Design Interview at Worlds. We have a pretty good track record so far, having won the Design Award at 3 tournaments straight, including at the California State Championships for the second year running. We’ve thoroughly reviewed all the basics: Design Award Rubric, Appendix D, threads by previous award winners like 2915A, etc. We were wondering if, with all of your collective experience with awards and judging, the forum had any suggestions for how we could make the best out of our interview.

Some of the preparation/documentation we have:

  • Bound notebook (of course) with a few Post-its for key entries
  • Reference binder with inserts, large quantities of pictures, and various appendices
  • Google Presentation with visuals of design process and actual robot
  • Well-rehearsed talking points and fluid presentation style
  • Business cards that link to robot specs, our team’s Google Drive folder, and reveal video

Is there anything that you would add if you were in our shoes? Thanks!

I recommend looking up looking FIRST Robotics Chairman presentations for the general gist of what your team should act like. Although they do not focus on the robot itself, you will be able to see how team’s structure their presentation.