Tips for driving on controller

need assistance or tips on how to use the controller properly?

Hold it with two hands and push the buttons when needed.


Welcome to the forums! I would love to help you get the most out of your controller, but I will need some info such as pictures of your robot, and you need to decide what you want your drive code to do. If you can provide these, there are many people on the forums who would be happy to help you get what you need!


What specific problems are you having? Are you using your own drive code or the default code?


there are many ways to code a controller, it depends what works best to program and is easiest for you to use!

practice; increase skill

Learn to drive slowly. Full speed will come with PROPER practice. By this I mean, learn to modulate the sticks… don’t drive always either 0% (stopped) or 100% (wide open).

Practice nose in driving, pointing towards yourself.

Practice driving in reverse, not just straight back either, actually DRIVE in reverse.

Drive figure 8s.


Pick the drive mode that works best for your team - joystick, arcade, or tank. For the controller joysticks, echoing the comment about 0% or 100% - the speed varies based on how far from center you push the joystick. A slight nudge in a direction - slow motion drive (great for small moves and small turns). Pushing the joystick to the max - full speed. Like the others - drive, drive, drive. Only with practice will your team get better at precise driving and speeds. Have them try barely moving the joystick in a direction and notice how small and precise the motion (drive or turn motion) - great when you are slightly off or need to move a small distance/degrees. Have them push full in a direction full speed but jerky control. Old “rule” with our team - keep your finger/thumb on the controller joystick (like glue) - tapping the joystick won’t work well and your robot will jerk as it responds to the slap. Keeping the thumb/finger on the drive joystick will help ensure their driving is not so jerky and delayed.


A good idea is to have the robot look different on the front and back so you know which way you are going. Also during the middle of a match, doing tiny movements to see where you are about to head helps quite a bit when you don’t know which way is forward on your robot.

I could try to help but i’m a bit confused on what you are asking. Next time you post please try and ask more specific questions so that we can help you better.

I don’t know about you guys, but my entire life I’ve been using tank drive for my robots, from VEX to EV3 Mindstorm to other goofy stuff, and it works the best for me. Gives me the most feeling of control.


Yeah, I can understand that. Split control is a little finicky to me, especially with the way the vex v5 joysticks behave. It would be nice to use to tank drive, but with strafe wheels and other mechanisms, it would be hard to implement a tank drive into my teams robots.