Tips for Endgame Expansion without hydraulics

Hi everyone! I’m very new to Vex Robotics and I’ve got V5 newbies as students so we’re learning together. I have a small amount that did IQ in Junior High, but that’s it. They’ve built their robot using the Disco Kit and then are modifying from there based on size restrictions and our limited resources which I’m told will be much better next year. Does anyone have tips on expanding the robot WITHOUT hydraulics during Spin up Endgame? We don’t have them and my school budget is limited at the moment. Thanks in advance!

Whoops, I meant pneumatics.

If you have an extra motor, you can use that or you can ratchet a mechanism off of your flywheel (assuming you’re building one). You could unspool string with weight on it or try and build a mini catapult.

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You can also go a direction other than string launchers, and build a mechanical expansion mechanism similar to wall-bot mechanisms from years past. Given the new safety rules, your students would not have to worry about any parts leaving the field and giving them a DQ if they used a purely mechanical mechanism that doesn’t fly through the air.


That sounds like a good idea, but can it expand far enough on both sides? I can probably have them build one on the back as well , away from the intake, and have it expand on 3 sides. Thanks for the tip!

I’d worry about it getting tangled; however, it could probably work on the sides. I’ve gotten too good suggestions, and I’ll present them to the students to see what they think. Thanks!!

I’ve seen wallbots expand diagonally across the whole field. In this case, it could be built from 1x1 angle