Tips for helping 5th graders after Slapshot competition is done

I am helping my daughter’s 5th grade Vex team for the rest of the school year. The thought is to have them build a robot without any blueprints. I am new to VEX and just have basic coding skills. Any tips or tricks for me? My goal is to help them grow their love and knowledge for VEX and robotics. I know the skills they learn with this will help them in the future.

Some things that our teacher does is she gives us challenges to complete like launching a paper airplane with vex pieces and no human input. Another thing we do is my teacher tells us that we have to is she comes up with a real world problem and then has us make a model out of VEX pieces that is a solution to the problem presented.

I would start by going through this course, it gives you some more information on different concepts. → IQ Educator Certification Course | VEX Certified Educators

Any other questions can be asked here, if you need specific help feel free to ping me.