Tips for Outside Competitions?

So my competition on saturday is going to be in an amphitheater and I was wondering are there are any things I should watch for when competing outside or is it just the same as any indoor competition?

Motors overheat easier, especially if they are in the sun. The black cases they have don’t help. My team drove our robot on an outdoor field for a while and the drivetrain got so weak it could barely move (it was 2 V5 motors). If you have extra motors to bring I would bring them in a cooler because you might need to switch them out.

^this all depends on the temperature where you are located

Yeah it gets pretty hot here in Vegas, motors basically torque out just from sitting outside. Not as bad in Florida. Coolers not a bad idea, or you could use freeze em with air duster before every match that always works

You could put ice in a cooler, and then you could put a towel over the ice, and then you could put your robot on the towel, in the cooler.

yeah i wouldnt do that unless you love waiting 3 years for your replacement brain to ship

Tiny ice packs to put on the motors to keep them cool wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also covering your robot in a large light colored towel might help.

On the note of heat, I would bring a tent thing to put over your pit, if it’s not shaded. Was a life saver in fundraising.