Tips for project management for a team

Hi, I am the project manager of my team and I was wondering if there were any tips for this. Thank you!

I think you are going to have to be a little more clear on what the position entails in your team. Are you running the whole team or is that some specific position? Do you lead the building or just facilitate it? etc

It is a specific position where I am in charge of keeping my team specifically, on track and managing them to where I create documents such as a gantt chart but I am not the team leader.

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A gantt chart is a good step. Make sure to take inputs from all of the team members to keep everything cohesive. Perhaps dedicate 10 minutes at the beginning of every meeting to evaluate how on-track you are and establish an agenda for the meeting. On my team we are all involved in the project management, so while some team members are more directly tied to the documents than others, we all have a general knowledge of everything going on.