Tips for setting up/ maintain VRC feild

My son is the programmer on a middle school VRC team and after many evenings of him staying really late to program we invested in a portable field with anti static tiles so I don’t need to be at school with him so late so often. It will be in his bedroom which is really odd shaped and has room. It will sit on carpet.

Do I need to treat with anti static spray?

We received everything this week and are setting it up this evening. Any other tips for setting it up and keeping it in good condition? We did not get game elements for this year.

Anti-static spray is a pretty good investment (especially if he’s gonna be on the field a lot). As for keeping it maintained, just make sure to clean it every so often (sweep it etc.) because it will get dirty. Try to not rip chunks off of it with the robot.
Another general tip, make sure that when you put it down that the carpet doesn’t heavily impact the tiles. Meaning make sure that you don’t have “hills” and whatnot, because that will affect how the robot performs when it goes to a match field or the field at his school. I don’t know how fluffy or squishy it is so I’m just saying that anyway.

Hope this helps!
- Henry 344E


Socks only, and try to avoid walking across it just to get other places in the room (no matter how convenient!). Solid floor under if possible, as carpet can cause issues (as mentioned in previous post).

Super awesome that you were able to set that up for him! Long-term, it makes programming so much easier to have it there at home.


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