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How long do you typically have between your qualification matches?



It really is random at worlds. Sometimes it’ll be right after the previous match, others may be really long. As a whole, they do the matches very fast and fluently, so be aware of your match schedule as much as possible.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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Here are some numbers from last year’s World Championship. I don’t have any insight to this year’s division sizes or match schedule parameters yet, but I assume they will be similar, since they’ve been pretty consistent the last few years.

VRC Middle School:

  • 80 teams per division
  • match cycle time started at 4:00 on Thursday afternoon and decreased steadily to 3:30 on Saturday morning
  • Minimum match spacing: 10
  • Maximum match spacing: 37
  • Average match spacing: 20

VRC High School:

  • 94 teams per division
  • match cycle time started at 3:20 on Thursday afternoon and decreased steadily to 3:05 on Saturday morning
  • Minimum match spacing: 11
  • Maximum match spacing: 44
  • Average match spacing: 23

match spacing = the difference between any two appearances of the same team, where a value of 1 means back-to-back

If you do some quick math, the minimum potential amount of time between matches was 35 minutes for MS and 34 minutes for HS. Not accounting for breaks, the maximum potential amount of time between matches was 148 minutes for MS and 146 minutes for HS.



Thanks for the data. That’s extremely helpful.

Bottom line is this: In a perfect scenario, you’ll have ample time to get to your matches. But this is VEX. You never know what can happen (example: something could break). Balancing your match schedule, skill runs, judging interviews, practice time, and FUN is very hard. Do your best to plan ahead as much as possible, but build in time in case something goes drastically wrong with your robot.



Mini Donuts. Make sure you try the Mini Donuts.



I agree, but hopefully they don’t shine spotlights in our faces again. Ouch!



And try to hunt @Karthik down and take a selfie with him.



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The donut folks are there in the Workman Lobby for every event in the Kentucky Expo Center. I don’t think they ever move the machine out of the hall. Almost worth the trip even if you don’t want to see the Boat Show, or Car Show, or Home and Garden show. But now, if you’re already there, by all means do what Karthik says, and try the Mini Donuts. (Doing what Karhik says is good general advice on any topic.)



Thanks for all the tips guys! I have never been to an event of this magnitude so I am trying to figure out what to expect. (I will make the mini donuts a priority).



Last year I was lucky enough to find him, but I destroyed my phone at worlds and lost the photo… it’s a rip.



Guard your stuff. Always! A few years ago some people came by our pits and stole personal laptops. Last year, a team from our region had their tension cut before an important match. There is a large crowd, so it is very likely people will try to steal or sabotage. ALWAYS keep someone in your pit and watching your robot and possessions. Pack everything up and take it all to your hotel at night.



Great info! We’re also a first-time Worlds qualifier, and we’re looking for advice on a rolling cart for our robot and tools. Haven’t been able to find something that looks right. Does anyone have a recommendation? Do you ship your robot in a cart? Specific advice on shipping would also be much appreciated!!




There is a company from Utah that makes a cart specifically for VEX although they are quite expensive. you can find it here Best of luck at worlds.



We use a cart similar to these two (but without the pockets on the outside): cart 1, cart 2.



If it’s getting down to the end of quals and looks like you won’t be in a position to be picking, then I would highly suggest you talk to the current top 8-12 ranked teams. More than likely they will have their first pick already chosen, but are scrambling for their second pick. Give them a general overview of your robot (auton, skills scores, in game strengths, etc). Give them a team flier or write your team number down for them at the very least, as they probably have many team numbers jumbled in their heads (lol). Even if you feel like you are ranked too low to get picked, never give up. For instance, back in Skyrise worlds we were ranked 54th and went to talk to the 3rd ranked team. Turned out we had an auton they thought would complement theirs and picked us as their third team. We went on to make it to division finals. Being ranked low can be depressing, but never lose hope!

Now if you are within the top 8, you should do some scouting of your own (also talk to teams ranked higher than you to see if they are interested in picking you). Have several picks for your first and second pick, as your first choice could be picked before you get a chance to pick them. Do many of the same things above such as asking them about their auton. Make sure it won’t interfere with yours. Look for a robot that would complement yours. For instance, if you were strong in match loads, you would want someone strong in fielding.

After you are picked/picked your alliance, get all three of the teams together and run together in the practice fields for a few minutes. Get a feel for how you work together and what strategies you want to go for (this works well for qual matches too). Take a look at who you will be facing in elims. Try to get an idea of how their bots will work against yours. Talk about possible strategies with your alliance.

Didn’t realize how long this was, woops lol. Hope it was helpful!

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This year will be my second year going and competiting at worlds. So one thing that I would recommend is if you are pracitcing on your own feild before worlds to spray it with ANTI-STATIC spray. This spray works strangely with the robots and the feilds that they use at worlds.
This spray reduces static on the feild however creates tons of friction with the robot and game pieces. For some unknown reason the only spray the actual competition fields at worlds and not the practice fields so your robot might be working perfect on the practice field but then not even want to move on the competition field.
Another thing i would say is walk around the pits if you have time cause alot of people and teams hand out cool pins and items.
So just go have fun and embrace the environment its amazing.
P.S. that weekend is the opening for the kentucky derby so during the day theres gonna be an airshow and at night on the river in louisville is going to be the nations largest firework show that is breath taking so have fun and good luck



What’s the best way to pack your robot if flying?



We have had great success getting 18" by 18" by 24" cardboard boxes, placing a foam pad on the bottom, then the robot, then stuffing all of the areas around the robot with foam and topping it off with another foam pad. Taping the heck out of it. Labeling it, and taking it as check in baggage. Flew to Dallas once that way and twice to Anaheim that way from Wisconsin. Robots came through fine.



We fundraised (fundrose?) for a really nice 20"x20"x20" Pelican case and packed it with sheets of foam and SS pieces to protect our dinky little robot xD.

But you’re VexU, so you’ll need a bigger box I guess…and they’re expensive lol.
Maybe borrow one from another department at your university?



Is the Team Party for teams only or can team members families come?