Tips for Worlds


If I remember they start around 20 25 I think. Maybe more



The sweatshirts at US Open are usually between 35 and 60 so the worlds one i assume would be in that price range depending on the decals you get.



One of my guys got a hoodie fully decked out last year and it was $75. But is had lots of lettering and all



They already have an online store for worlds merch. Id expect the prices to stay relatively the same



These are, barring any extreme circumstances, almost certainly the final prices for the shirts, sold by the same company that will be selling shirts on-site.

The only exception is custom text inside the license plates, which is only available on-site.

As long as you don’t care about said custom text, I would recommend buying your shirt(s) through the online store to avoid the massive lines. The only downside is the shipping cost.



@Barin Why is the Mecanum geared up 1:7?



So it gets maximum torque.

Don’t question it.



Yes, Sensei.

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If I have a robox, should I wheel it to every match or build a seperate cart



What kind of decor do booths have?
Also can you bring candy as a handout at your booth? Is it allowed in the exposition center?
How do you hang banners on the booths?
Do you have to take everything out of your booth after each day (posters/banners included)?
Should we bring trophies, or bring a picture of all our trophies?

(I’m new to Worlds and still learning)

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A pelican case is about just as much for costs, and it’s waterproof :wink:
But anyways I’d Suggest getting a cart to move to every match so you can simply grab and place the robot down without trouble.



All kinds, from dorm room to retail store.
Yes. Yes.
Bring safety pins and lots of duct tape.



Are the any limits to decorating the booth at worlds? I’ve been image searching ideas and I saw a team use a pop up canopy frame, is this allowed?

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I know this is an old thread that got resurrected, but I think the information in it is pertinent and found value in looking over it for ideas/info on current year Worlds.

To answer this - in the “Vex Worlds FAQ” is says specifically:

Q: Will my team be able to construct our own pit space?
A: Teams are discouraged from “building” temporary structures in their pit spaces. Please feel free to bring stands to display information, however no structures stretching over the top of, or covering your pit will be allowed.

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Thank you for the response!



Is preordering lunch worth it? $88 for pizza seems crazy. Unless that’s for 8 whole pizzas. Are the food trucks that are supposed to be nearby a better option?



After looking at the pre-order prices, we have pretty much decided to not. $15 for a pb&j?? Um, no! The pizza says feeds 8, and I’m assuming they don’t plan for each person to get a whole one… A couple years ago, the food sold there was expensive (comparably so, though, maybe less) and ok enough.



My hypothetical plan (that would never actually work) is to have 2 drivers. A main driver (me) and a Skills driver (my prog). Half of the team would go out to lunch during an adequate break in schedule, while the other half (splitting up Drivers just in case) would go later.
But, you all don’t need to yell at me for how bad of an idea this is. I know. It would never work. (But I plan to have a dedicated Skills driver anyway for various reasons I don’t want to derail the thread with. Trust me on this, it’ll be my loss if/when it utterly fails.)