Tips on building this?

So in about 3 days I have to go to a competition and I am just wondering on any tips on building something like this:


I’d like to specifically know what parts that a generic classroom generally has that I should use for building this. I have C-channels along the side of my robot already but I can never align it exactly parallel with another pair of C-channels because of a motor blocking a bit of the C-channels. I was also wondering how I can apply some intake rollers onto this kind of bar lift from the image above:

Thank you very much.

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So make sure you are using spacer and lock collars so the gears don’t slide. For the intake rollers may i suggest using sprockets and make intakes. And use bearing as well. Use aluminium c channels and lots of them. Wdym by the motor blocking?

Make sure with the 6 bar that everything is parallel and that it is light.

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Kepler Electronics has a lot of good videos on how to build bar lifts, I would reccomend watching some of these to get an idea of what you are doing

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Make sure no metals (collars, 12t gears etc.) are not directly contacting the c channel, or else it might cause a lot of friction. Add a washer can prevent the problem that metal directly contacts metal.

Also, Screwing everything tight is important for bar lifts or else it might flex sideways. You can add lockbars onto the bar lift metal piece to further support the lift.



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