Tips on how to overcome an inconistent drivetrain

Does anyone have tips on how to overcome a drivetrain that is inconsistent when it comes to turning a certain amount of degrees in auton whether it be tips with coding or the actually build of the robot

Edit: this is vex iq :man_facepalming:


  • Minimize frictional losses by making sure there isn’t any rubbing anywhere, and everything lines up.

  • Resolve any play in wheels by connecting the gear onto the wheel, and picking better shafts and shaft holes.


  • Experiment with different sensors for programming, like gyro (make sure you pick a good gyro sensor with little drift).

  • try out different accuracy algorithms like P-Loops or full PID loops


what are p and pid loops

I would suggest looking them up on your free time to get a better understanding of them. Note that no one here will code them for you, but they will be happy to help you with any related problems (provide you post a snippet of your code that is not working).

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oh i didnt want anyone to code them for me. Its just that im in iq and ive really only seen ppl use it in edr but i guess ill try

Ok, that’s good to hear. I know CautionTape posted a video on it last season. I would check their YouTube page for it

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yeah thats the type of code im using but ill edit it for my robot.

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