Tips on making the smoothest and fastest roller for TT

Hi, our robot currently works well enough, strong enough to get 11 cube stacks, but the downside is that we HAVE to use 100RPM motors in order for it to be strong enough to get the cubes. We’ve seen many competitions and reveals, where the robots can roll in cubes extremely fast (namely 6842Z PigPen, and 7701T Tesseract). I know using 200 RPM motors would help a lot, but we just can’t seem to make it work. Does anyone have any tips on making the smoothest rollers possible? Thanks!


If you use 18 tooth sprockets, make the rollers almost paralell with the tray, and increase the angle of your tray, you should be able to do at least 12 cubes with enough compression.

First, please send some pictures of your rollers so we can help you out.

In short, its all about compression. Make sure you have the correct compression, enough so that it can easily push up cubes, but wide enough for them to restrict the intaking of cubes. While doing so, make sure that they cant bend out so the cubes to push the roller out and become uncompressed.

Additionally, take a look at your sprocket sizes and intaking angle to optimize the efficiency of the intake. Use sprockets that provide compression towards your specific design and note that the shallower the tray angle is, the easier it is to intake cubes.

Take a look at these posts:


the friction of the tray is pretty important too. having a low friction tray can be the difference between 100 RPM and 200 RPM intakes.


I will take pics tomorrow and send it here, thanks for the threads!

Our tray is pretty low friction, we used zipties and cubes slide very smoothly


Wouldn’t increasing the angle of the tray make it harder to grab cubes? Cuz you’d be going against gravity more

If you have a cascading tray, the weight of the final stage actually adds a decent amount of force against the intakes. In general, make your intakes as efficent as possible, reduce as much friction as possible. Compression is the final most important step that is a matter of tuning.


I meant to lower it, but if you lower it too much it’ll hit everything.