Tips on set-up / using VEX Field Control Software

Hi all - we are hosting our first match this weekend!!

Sadly we have been unable to get the Field Controls to work.

I was hoping some could share common mistake/problems/fixes for this.


You need to read the TM manual from front to back and do what it says to do.

TM appears to be daunting, but if you let it help you your event will run smoothly.

Can you post what your problems with the field control are?

Is everything plugged in correctly?

When you installed TM did you get any errors about the drivers?


You can find the Tournament Manager manual here:

I would suggest you take a look at the ‘Setting Up the Hardware’ section in particular, however, it’s generally advisable that you take a look at the entire manual anyway.

Make sure your field controller is set up and connected to the same field set (and also the same field itself when applicable), and that you’ve queued a match.

If you still can’t get it to work, let us know and also get in touch with your Regional Support Manager, as they should be able to lend a hand as well.


Thanks all - Will check this all out tomorrow!