Tips to build robots?

Hey guys! I am very experienced with programming, but not so much with builds. Is there some kind of software I can use to make the robot on my computer and show instructions? Should I use different bases for different types? What should I do to improve building? Thanks!

Welcome to the exciting world of VEX IQ! To get started here are six different robots that you can build with your Starter or Super Kit, that all come with full build instructions.

Working through some of these builds will definitely help your build skills. Once you play with these builds, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own designs.

If you want to design and build on your computer first, try using SnapCAD: “SnapCAD is a community-built solution for designing virtual VEX IQ models and creating printable, shareable instructions for them. Use SnapCAD to test out a novel idea in the virtual world before building it physically, or to share your creations with the world in the form of step-by-step build instructions!”

I hope this helps!

I’ll try it. Thanks! :smiley: