Tired of Programming Autonomous? Introducing VEX Autonomous Planner!

Have you ever wanted to just draw out your autonomous programs and have them magically work on your robot? Well now you can!

About VEX Autonomous Planner

VEX Autonomous Planner lets you configure your robot, draw out an autonomous or programming skills routine, and voila, produce code that can be uploaded to any robot running RobotC firmware.


Github Link


VEX Autonomous Planner is being provided as is and open source. Further updates will depend upon donations and revenue from support.](http://ruiqimao.github.io/autonplanner)

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Great Job!

I think I know who is getting a think / innovate award :wink:

This is incredible. I am sure this will make programming a whole lot easier for new people as well as people who don’t know how to use PID and things like that. Just to add, you may want to add Gyro support for turning.

Keep up the great work.


Since this is open source, I am working on a holonomic version which utilizes gyro input, and I may add gyro input for tank drive too.

Nice work Ruiqi.

Add a license to the repository if you are releasing as open source, reference the license in the source code.

This is really awesome!

Since there was no audio on any of the videos, I messed around in the program until (I think) I figured it all out and then made a walkthrough video. It can be viewed HERE for those who might be interested.

Again, this is so awesome! I think it may be coolest thing I’ve ever seen on the forum.

Thank you so much! I also plan to have a look at the source code. You really have done a service to all teams struggling with autonomous!

This is a wonderful piece of work, I love it.

I however use PROS and PROS doesn’t run RobotC code :frowning:

I would like to help develop the PROS Portion of this code. Please PM me to discuss the Development tools so that I can start helping! Thanks!

@Inspector Gadeget, All you have to do is fork on github, and develop for PROS. My holonomic version is almost done, I’m submitting a pull req soon so that ruiqi can add it back to the original.

This is really cool! Unfortunately doesn’t work for my teams crazy robot but I hope it will work for our robot next season!

I was wondering what ide you use and what testing/debugging tools you use. Thanks for the other information though, I am familiar with github though.

I wrote VAP with vim and tested it with RVW.

Three Questions/Suggestions:

  1. With the ports on the cortex, are the ports that say “port 1” through 10 the IME’s, or are they something else?

  2. RVW unfortunately cant be used with PROS :frowning: I will have to test with my physical robot, but that is good practice for competition!

  3. Would it be possible for you to add a “Reversed Motor Ports” functionality to the GUI and the code as an option, especially on the arm, but also on the drive if possible?
    I realize that it is possible to switch the wiring to suite the code, but logic in the code would be nice.


It would make it much less confusing trying to remember how to do the wiring if a cable gets unplugged.

I can’t wait to learn about programming by not programming. Thanks Ruiqi!

  1. Maybe I didn’t make it clear. Yes, when you specify an encoder, ports 1-10 are the corresponding IMEs.

  2. I can add that to my list of things to change to the next update!


This is the second useless post from you today. If the only point of your comment is to belittle others, then knock it off. I hope a moderator kicks you out.

This forum is about exchanging ideas and awesome things people are doing. This program in this thread is amazing. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

I personally would want my students to learn the programming on their own also. But just because I don’t plan on using Ruiqi’s awesome program, doesn’t mean I should belittle his work.

This looks absolutely awesome. What operating systems does it run on?

It runs completely in the browser, so it works on all operating systems!

Hi! We’re a semi-new team that’s really tired of programming autonomous that can’t accurately maneuver around the ring. Do you think we’re going to need encoders to identify the ticks per foot/rotation? Might be a dumb question but this is really new to us!