Title of robotics people

I’ve had to name our title a few times recently, and I’m not sure what it is. If you go down a level, we are builders, designers, programmers, and drivers, but what are we collectively? Are we roboticians? Robot technicians? Or drop the “robot” and we’re just engineers?

Robotic Engineers…



My major in college is “robotic engineering”. Well really I’m a double major with mathematics but still.

This is short, sweet, and descriptive. I like this one.

Simple, but were not just one type of engineer, were mechanical engineers… etc.

Robonerds, vexorcists, or vexologists! I’ll probably think of more…

I’ve been calling you all roboteers since 2006.

That is a Vexing question (sorry, couldn’t help myself) =) with no clear answer. I vote for robot people.

I need a vExorcist for my auton. Can you hook me up with one?

My team uses the term “roboticist”.

With all you hear about women in engineering these days, I like to use the term STEMinist :smiley:

get it

I’ve never heard that before and I LOVE it!

We are veximistic! Or overlyveximistic or overlyveximisticprogramers!

Ha just got that one you have an autonomous possessed by a demon and a exorcist gets rid of demons…

Well, not just one autonomous… but yes.


How about just robotics people/ robot guys?

I like robonauts.