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Both of these are the Referee (not Judge) adhering to the rules as written. Tournament rule <T1>:

No video replays, and post-Match questions must be in a timely fashion. The Head Referee has the ultimate authority during the competition. The Head Referee’s rulings are final.

a, The referees will not review any photo or video Match recordings.

b. Any questions for the referees must be brought forward by a Student Drive Team Member (not an adult) from the affected Team within a time period of two (2) Qualification Matches, or immedi-ately after the score is announced of an Elimination Match.

c. Any concerns regarding the Match score must be raised by a Student Drive Team Member (not an adult) before the playing field has been reset for the next Match. Once the field has been cleared, scores may no longer be disputed.

d. Head Referees may seek insight from the Event Partner or REC Foundation staff to help make a final decision, but Students should never approach these individuals in lieu of presenting the dispute to the Head Referee.

Edit: this was the VRC rule, but the IQ version of <T1> is essentially the same.


Also, if you have a complaint about how a competition was ran take it up with the event partner in a polite email about what they needed to clarify at the driver meeting (when they say rules like the ones above). This forum is a place to get help with issues regarding building, not a place to complain about a ref or how events are run


Is this a judge or a ref? I don’t see why judges would need video evidence for the judging process if they were going by the vex judges guide. It is also against the rules for refs to look at videos of past matches to make calls.

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