Titled Thread: 2941A Asia Pacific Teaser


2941A, ready for Asia-Pacific :smiley:



Oh hey, thats a nice looking intake ya got there Lucas. Best of luck to you!

I give this robot a 3/10. At least it looks nice…:rolleyes:


I give your rating 0/10. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a great robot!:smiley: Good luck this weekend! What is your highest driver skills score?


Highest skills score is more than 270. :troll:

is that a 5:1 lift?

Good eyes. However, no, it is not 1:5.

I was thinking 1:15?

Close, but no cigar. I’m going to stop answering ratio questions, otherwise this thread is going to turn into a game of “guess the ratio” ;).

Hahaha fair enough. :smiley: Looks like a nice robot.

After the first day of competition this robot is currently:

2-0-0 in matches, ~175 SP

Driver Skills: 285 (One attempt)
Programming Skills: 125 (One attempt)

Neither of the skills runs are quite up to scratch, but I hope to improve both of them tomorrow.

Link’s broken for me.

@Andrew Chang https://dl.dropbox.com/u/39516124/IMG_0148.JPG

This thread is from 2012.

But Dam is it cool.