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Alright I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but is there any way to make TM work in tandem with a server? I’ve ran TM as a server on both Mac and Windows, but only my windows computers will connect to said servers, my macs are left in the dust.

My school is majority macintosh computers (mix of intel and apple silicon) even our programmers use macs, windows have been very unreliable for all of our purposes.

Just wondering if theres anything I can do on my end to make them talk to each other?

I am able to ping my servers and my macs with no issues in command prompt and terminal, so not sure why TM cant talk to each other.

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I would like to post a follow up question to the question above, which can indirectly answer the above question as well if answered: Is a password-protected local web interface possible (i.e. by typing the ip and port of the server in a web browser, it can alloy you to tap into the menu as if it were the app on a mobile device)?

so tm actually makes a webserver to do your awards and inspections (inspection check list needs an update cause it’s still 8 motors vs 88w.)

  1. Many event partners run a private network for tournaments. We don’t want the event to have problems if the facility network is overloaded or goes down.
  2. The TM web server does have authentication. If someone could reach the IP they would find limited team information, matches, rankings, and skills scores which are usually available on the scoreboards anyhow.
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One of the ports required for TM is being used by AirPlay (port 5000 I think?) and there’s no way around this except disabling AirPlay sharing in system preferences. From what I’ve tried, disabling AirPlay seems to make TM function better on Mac.

This thread covers the issue quite well:

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, or maybe something else

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Ya that account asking about it was my other starter account, so it’s me asking the same question again, but now it’s worse.

When I posted that, Mac’s could still see each other over the same network, so either I ran all windows computers or I run Mac’s and windows if ran my server on a Mac.

Now I’m running it on a Mac, they don’t see each other at all. Use to be able to run the Mac server and it’ would auto populate on a Mac so I can run a display. Now no Mac sees each other, but I can vnc to all my Mac’s no issues.

This is where I come in again and ask why Mac and Linux are being left behind (haven’t tried running a server on Linux yet, but I’ll be trying it soon since I got new stuff I wanna try.)

A little extreme… all Mac environment works - all Windows work… both work with rPis and V5 Smart Field Controller and legacy VEXnet field controller… If you are a team, this should be ok.

EPs who have challenges that need to be addressed for event success should contact their RECF Event Engagement Manager - they will work with you to make sure you events are fine. EPs can always use the VEXforum EP group area specific to Tournament Manager issues - a lot of community help there.

This topic might not be a priority for responses because it is in VRC Discussion area, not Event Partner area.

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See that’s the issue though, Mac’s are not working, ya sure you can run one Mac to make sure things work, but if you want it to work right, you need multiple computers, but Mac’s don’t talk to each other through tm manager,

I posted with the ep area and have talked with my EEM, and all I get is laughter (not from my eem, but in general). I wouldn’t be posting if it was still status quoe from last year, and I realize I may be the minority complaining right now, but majority of hawaii runs on apple computers, most schools have gone towards chrome and apple, competitions need more schools to join up, but if schools can’t use their own equipment to run said tournaments, how’s it gonna grow?

Sorry for the rant, we can close this thread, especially like I said I’m beating a dead horse

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