TM not calculating score correctly

Not sure why, but TM is not calculating average points correctly.


Team’s scores are as follows:
162, 82, 107, 102, 91, 149, 136

Dropping the lowest score and averaging out the top six scores, average should be 124.50 but VEXvia, Robot Events, and the TM are all showing 120.33

Either I’m an idiot (because I’m mathing wrong), or TM is broken (not shocked)

Can you share the event and team number in question?

I just created a tournament and put in the numbers you gave and it did give me the correct average of 124.5. Are you sure you have the numbers right?

Team 1024S

There seems to be a discrepancy between the numbers you posted and the actual numbers recorded under TW#28. In TW#28 your team was awarded a zero, not 107 points. The calculation done by TM is good. If perhaps the other team received a DQ in the match, and a mistake was made while recording the score, then the time to dispute it would have been during the tournament.
Good luck at States!

The actual scores were:

162, 82, (DQ) 0, 102, 91, 149, 136

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TM is correct I got 120.3.

There’s a small but valuable lesson to be learned here. When faced with a situation you don’t understand, it’s a bad idea to just assume you are right and someone else is wrong. Rather, ask questions - of yourself and to others. That curiosity could have led you to investigate the score results more closely and see your 0 score. Even if it didn’t, you could have posted here with a different approach:

I need help understanding some event results

I played at the XYZ event and got the following scores: 162, 82, 107, 102, 91, 149, 136, which should average to 124.5 but the event results say my average was 120.33. Can someone help me understand what I’m missing?

This advice applies equally to everyone - I saw this thread and my instinct was to shoot off a quick reply along the lines of “TM is right”. But, since it was not obvious just from your post what would have been wrong, I decided to wait until I could sit down and look at the data myself to find out what was really going on (because maybe you were right and I was wrong, and there was a problem with TM). @Mike_Milliard and @sankeydd were on the ball and got you the right answer before I could even look into it.