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I am planning on running my first VIQC tournament this year in December. I am trying to figure out the displays right now and I was planning on using Raspberry pis for the displays. However these are very hard to find and expensive anyway. The TM website tells me that the cheaper Pis are not compatible.

My question is whether or not there is an alternative to the Raspberry pi 3b that will work with the TM software. I am familiar with Arduino but less so with the Pi. Is there an alternative that might be cheaper?

Event Partners have been testing Libre Computer Potato SBC - there is a image distribution from DWABtech that loads both for rPi and Potato.

@Dave_Flowerday is this going to be a standard distribution image?

You can also use a regular PC / Laptop and they don’t need to be very powerful. We have had a few older machines donated from area businesses, or perhaps a volunteer can loan you their laptop for the day. As long as they are on the same network as your TM server, you can install TM and use the Connect to a remote server option. Use them to run your displays.

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Does the same image as the Raspberry Pi work or is this a non-standard image? If so, where is this image along with info on how to use this?

The price is much better than the Raspberry Pi 3b and the Raspberry Pi 4.

This is definitely one of the options I am considering. We have several computers in our HS robotics club that could be used for this. I was considering all the options though and I like the small portable display devices. It could also be useful for other projects and training for our students.

Thank you for your answer.

Same image for both rPi and Potato. The version I used was a test version. So I would wait a bit until after Worlds to check again as I am pretty sure everyone is busy right now. Putting a test version in the wild does not help much.

rPi prices are ridiculous - free market I guess. However, I do think the rPi graphics performance is better than the Potato that gets jumpy scrolling things like schedule. However, they are rock solid for field queue / match control.

Bumping to share a nice factory tour of Raspberry Pi 4s being produced…

Good to share with teams to see robotics in manufacturing… and yes, lines do stop because of parts shortages :frowning: and humans step in to fix some assemblies.


ugh - too bad forum does not allow edits - but here is pun statement:
I imagine Le Potato deserves a “Baked Potato” video tour of their operations :slight_smile:


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