TM works with Mac server to Windows, but will not work vise versa

So I have ran 3 tournaments already, 2 from my Mac Server, one from my desktop windows, both work great as a server, but trying to connect macs to the server is not working. I’ve updated my computers to Monterey and removed Air Receiver, but for some odd reason, the macs will not see the server on my network.

When I connect windows computer to my Mac Server, flawless, everything runs great, pushes to RECF website no issues, and I can use iPads flawlessly, is there something I am missing for having the same success using a Mac to connect to the server? Whether it’s a Mac or Windows server?

Gonna try and bump this to the top, just wondering if anyone else is having issues, I know majority of everyone using window’s computers, but our complex is majority macintosh computers.

I have bootcamp running on two older iMac’s which run my TM and OBS, but my main servers is still my Mac Mini and my iMac at my desk.

My initial thought - Is the firewall active on the Windows PC blocking remote connections?

I have had this issue too. Check what @Hudsonville_Robotics suggested (If you are running raspberryPis, try connecting one). If that isn’t the issue, the only way I have been able to consistently get my mac (M1 macbook pro) to connect to a window’s server is to connect into a network switch using ethernet instead of using the wifi networks that we normally run.

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