TMR0 for Cortex in RobotC?

Hey, I’ve worked with microcontrollers and I’ve never felt complete without TMR0, does anyone know if that feature is on the Cortex? If it is, could somebody help me a bit as to how it works?

That sounds like a PIC hardware timer.

ROBOTC has “user” timers available, for example;

x = time1[T1];

If you really want to go “bare metal” then the equivelent for the STM32F103 processor would probably be TIM1 or TIM8. So was this really a serious question?


The reference manual for the STM32F103 is here.

Hm, I’m not that professional as you seem yet:) TMR0 is a internal clock, I’ve mostly used it in the PIC 16F887 to measure seconds.

Does the

x = time1[T1];

do enything like that?

Thanks for helping out:D

Besides timers, there are variables being kept track of in robot C regarding time elapsed.

You have choice of setting timers, waiting for some milliseconds, or looking at program or system time variables.

I am unsure of how often Robot C really and truly updates the variables. But milliseconds is the lowest level of time you can currently get access to in Robot C.

Thanks everyone! I’ll read into it and see what coms out:D

Thanks again!