TMS Raspberry Pi Update Display Software Issue

I’ve 3 remote Raspberry Pi’s as remote displays on TMS. I’ve managed to update the Display Software on one, but the other two I can’t update? Anyone got a solution?image

I am not home to test this out, but it almost looks like that are not talking to the TM server, can you try and restart them to see if they re-connect to the TM server, otherwise potentially a re-flash does the trick.


I’m curious, is the Tournament Manager Server being run from a Mac or a Windows machine?

I know when I use macOS I can’t update them but I can on windows. I can’t even connect the raspberry pi’s on Mac, only windows.

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It’s all sorted, thank you. I just pressed the update button about a 1000 times :joy:

Sorted now, win10. Glad it’s ok now just been experimenting with OBS too :joy: