to hang or not to hang

Has any one noticed that the bots that don’t hang have a better chance of winning

It really depends on how they hang. I’ve noticed that for bots that take very little time to hang it can make a huge difference, but with the speed of the competition, if it takes more than 5-10 seconds then you could very well lose as many points as you would gain.

The important factor in winning robot designs is the speed at which they can do a certain task. A robot that can hang in 5 seconds would be better than a robot that can hang in 10 seconds because the team is able to squeeze in more precious time to score stuff over the fence before they have to go to the pole to beat the buzzer. By the same logic, a robot that can chuck over a cube and 3 stars at a time would be better than a robot that can only do a cube, provided that both do the task in the same amount of time. In short, a robot that cannot hang can make up for it by being able to dump large amounts over.

Not having a hanging mechanism doesn’t mean that the robot is better than a robot that has one. It is entirely plausible that a robot that hangs can devastate the other alliance by itself, as with 5327C. Their alliance partner will also matter significantly. This comes into play at alliance selection, where a team that has a really good dumper but no hang may choose a team that doesn’t score as quickly but can get stuff over to the far zone and hang, creating an alliance where one robot provides “brute force” and the other is the “specialist” robot, ultimately creating a “super-robot” alliance.

just like cerberus (my robot) it can’t hang but it has been in four tournaments and has won twice and been in all the finals

Also depends on your bot and strategy ie a pushbot like mine is usually at the fence playing defense during the last 10 seconds, so hanging doesnt make sense for us.

What we have found here in Wisconsin is when you get late in the Elimination rounds, hanging gets to be a risky proposition as the top robots here can very often toss a cube and 2-4 stars into the far zone very quickly. Teams that have been able to hang usually are spending so much time responding to scoring that they don’t have time to hang.

In Texas our 5 second high hang wasn’t able to out score what most teams can throw over the fence.

I put a ton of rubberbands on my arm just so I can field better. in FL alot of teams are amazing so with the 4 seconds it takes me to hang they can catch up… Plus if I hang I can’t have all of the rubberbands that make me field better than most of my competition

thats why you use a backward lift so the bands help lift

@8892c cerberus hang backwards? If it’s what is in my mind I have a 4 bar I can’t make my arm go back

Same in our area. It seems hanging in this year’s game is only for skills because like last year, it only makes sense when the field is clear. Hanging in a tight match doesn’t seem to be a good strategy.

Lol what r u talking about. 400x hangs, 1104 hangs, 60x hangs sometimes, I hang. U just got to do it fast

I don’t know what you’re talking about, in match these teams won’t hang if the field isn’t clear…

the numbers might look confusing

By hang backwards I think he means instead of raising the lift, hooking on, then lowering, you just continue raising the lift, this can only be done with a 1 bar though.

Either this or using a double 4 bar setup like RI3D.

If you can hang in less than 8 seconds, its probably worth it

We really like it when teams hang against us.

Yea watching y’all fling 4 stars far zone to far zone quicker than any robot could hang is a little disheartening

sometimes it is just better to not hang such as when you can get most the objects over the fence at the last second