To potato or not to potato?

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nope never. this seems to be a somewhat unnecessary topic not deserving of its own thread tbh. also why website/forum support?

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I just want to know why?

VEX does have this for alternative energy systems:



It would take a lot of potatoes to power a robot. Though it would just consist of doing the simple potato->battery conversion, followed by an adapter to fit Vex.

A lemon powered robot would probably be a better idea, though. (Combustible lemons are more than a meme)




Which potato based energy storage method are you going to use?

Chemical - by sticking vex screws and aluminum 1x into it?

Potential - by suspending sack of potatoes high on the pole?

Kinetic - by spinning a gyroscope built with 20 lbs of potatoes?

No, that all would be too simple.

It got to be nuclear fusion!

Don’t tell us you are planning to accelerate two potatoes to the speed of light and smash them together to create nucular vexplosion!


I’d like to see two potato cannons facing each other (I mean the little kid ones like the one in Iron Man 3), that shoot at each other, create a blinding flash, and by the time somebody else from another room comes in to count the score, every single cube is in the potato pot. :joy:

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Well lets to some science! How many potato’s, or lemons, would it take to power a v5 robot adequately, and can it be competition legal?

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Okay, I’m going to really oversimplify this because I’m no electrical engineer.

A lemon can produce about 0.7V of electricity. A V5 battery can produce 12.8V. It would take 19 lemons (~18.3) to replace a V5 battery’s voltage.

Of course, this isn’t taking into account battery lifetime, reliability, etc. Because I don’t know enough to reliably do that without making a research project out of it. (Or maybe it’s really that simple!)

As far as competition legality, Vex does not sell lemons. (Contrary to popular opinion regarding early V5 equipment.) So, I would deem this not competition legal, even if it did work. And then you’d also have to store 19 lemons safely on the robot.

Please, nobody try this with their expensive electronics. But theoretically, it’s kinda fun.


how many mAh is a lemon?

why am I now googling that at work…

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No clue. I’ll let you take it from here.

mAh lemon

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