To programmers: Thoughts on your builders?

The builder i have is super mean and strange

me too, and i approve the builders work

same here *20 characters

my builder and programmer understand each other very well, it’s even like they know what the other one is thinking.

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they are amazing builders
(i’m also the builder, driver, note booker, and programmer on a 3 person team)

That’s impossible, atoms are always trying to force themselves apart meaning you are never touching you and you cannot touch grass. It’s like polar magnets trying to touch each other on the same sides.

Wow, you are lucky. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with my builder on anything to do with programming


but we have a main builder and programmer and I’m just the medium, I’m kinda also the pr guy

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did you see that i am both the builder and programmer?

I did not. Apologies, I should’ve known better than to think builders and programmers got along.

My builder is aight i guess


The main builder always complains that the program isn’t accurate and their only suggestion is “make it better”.


She’s alright, does her job well enough. Not much more I can ask for.

I don’t see my Bilder very often so his job is pushed on to me

As a builder I fully agree, but nylocks just too much pain to screw in, :confused:

Eh he’s okay, he can only build a robot in 2 days

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Me next competition since I’ll be a coder but I’m also a builder:

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I think it’s super important for the programmer and builder/driver to communicate. Often times when my programmer is having issues, it’s a mechanical issues and i me or the other builder will solve the issue


Me, a programmer, spent 4 hours programming over my precious weekend, just to come back and find out that me, the builder, does not want to make room to incorporate limit switches over the wheels. The struggle is real.


Why would you want limit switches over the wheels?