Toggling the Flag with a ball rule

Wait when the rule says to toggle the flags with a ball, instead of shooting can you just push the flags with the ball in possession, because it doesn’t say anything against it.

You can only flip the high flags by hitting it with a ball while it is not touching the robot.

In theory you could use a ball to flip the low flag while your robot is touching it but there would really be no reason to do that.

According to SG2, your robot must be under 18 inches tall while not contacting the expansion zone, and it is physically impossible to be contacting the expansion zone and near enough to a flag to push it. The second row of flags is at least half a foot over 18 inches tall, so the idea of pushing them is infeasible within the rules

Yes, it does, explicitly:

Otherwise maybe one robot could lift the other, as unlikely as that is.

So I just might be missing an obvious thing but can you hit the bottom flag with part of the robot? (without a ball)

Yes, just not the upper two.