Tomahawk - Motorcycle Robot

On the home page, there is motorcycle robot shown. Are there any plans or details on the assembly of this robot/motorcycle? Any help is appreciated.

I searched “Tomahawk” (the name of the robot), and here are some of the other discussions I found:
[ questions about the Tomahawk Robot, I can try to help you out. (It is currently, as of 9/12/2007, sitting on a display next to my desk.)

[ questions about the Tomahawk Robot, I can try to help you out. (It is currently, as of 9/12/2007, sitting on a display next to my desk.)


Can we send someone over to get 360 degree angle shots for a “web based” Tomahawk Virtual tour???

Tomahawk tours by appointment only.

What do we have to do to get an appointment? I wanna know how to build that thing!

i built a replica of the tomahawk on the gallery page it took me 52 hours to compleat i am taking a bunch of pics and im going to sell the plans complete with a parts list if u want more info e-mail me and i will get back to you asap

Don’t get your hopes up - I’ll spend 100 hours building my own (if that is what it takes) before I’ll buy plans for it - Blake

Its hard to see the whole specs of the robot. You gotta stare at it for a long time. even then you dont know what the bottom side looks like based on the vexlabs pictures. unless someone knows where you can find those.

so good luck making this thing :smiley:

i wouldnt buy plans for it, if i spent the money on plans id rather spend the money on the extra parts i need to build it then figure out how to build it

on the back where the rear end mounts there is a metel plate that is 8x5 then you use 1" beams for kick stands so when u turn the transmitter off it will set it down on them i will take a pic and send it to you

that was a stupid idea that i came up with when i make the plans i will just give them away i thought people would buy them but i was wrong so if u want the plans FOR FREE e-mail me and i will send u some when i get done making them

oh its not such a bad idea its just not alot of people are going to buy a single plan, if you made a book with 15-30 robot instructions and ideas in it than yes you’d definitly get some interest…and money :smiley:

I’d be interested if only to see how the Tomahawk would be build.

Khris - Thanks for the Pics you posted.

Now we need someone from VexLabs to check them to see if they are accurate copies of the real/original machine… Any takers?


JVN? i understand its sitting by your desk:D

lol that would be awesome

Hmm, I think that Vex should release plans for it. That is a big complaint from many people, that Vex doesn’t have many plans for robots. This could be a big opportunity for them.

the guy that built the ariginal one wont but i am releasing plans on mine u can see it in the robot portion of the gallery. the ending total is $796.47. i am also relasing a parts list complete with part numbers and the current prise for each part

it is not totaly accurate i changed a few things on it couse i was rushed by my tech school instructer to get it done but after i get out of boot camp i am building one for my self and i will get it more accurate

does that include all the parts to make it? because if it doesnt thats way to expensive

yeah thats everything except labor