Too many license plates...

I just received my welcome kit with one normal ball, one bonus ball and ~10,000 license plates.

I’m not sure why each team is given two full license plate kits, we were already planning on reusing the plates from last year since they did not mention a date. I would have preferred to get 4 of the scoring objects so we could make one of the stacks for testing while waiting for the full field kit to be available for purchase (with more license plates, of course).

When and where did you register for the Nothing But Net game? All the links I know of are still pointed toward SkyRise. :frowning:

I registered my team at the beginning of last week (it took a few days for my school to send the PO so they would ship the welcome kit). I found the link in the “My account” section of The first thing that shows up is the 2015-16 season.

It would have been better if the welcome kit had 2 more normal balls instead of the extra license plate kit…

Amazing! I wonder why none of the links on the Vex page, etc. point toward that. Thanks for the tip!

There should at least be an option for ‘we don’t need plates’. We only registered for the first time in January 2015 for Skyrise and already have 2 sets of plates and a load of stickers still spare.

But I fully agree I was hoping for 4 balls so you could stack them as per the game.

They should organize a plate recycling box at the tournaments so teams can put unused plates in there. its more environmentally friendly than having 10 spares

I don’t see this. All mine shows is the past seasons…

Edit: It doesn’t say 2015-16, but when I clicked register it brought me to the correct page. But the way it appears it seemed like it should bring me to the old registration…hence my confusion.