Tool for high strength chain (

For building our team’s robot, we need a chain cutter. We do see vex pro chain tool -, but not sure if this can be used for the vex EDR chain - Any idea what is the number of this chain? There are many tools in Amazon as well but work for different bicycle numbers.


Why do you need to cut the chain? It already breaks apart. No cutter needed.


Vex EDR Chain doesn’t require a cutter, it snaps together.


they are made of plastic and snap together, only tool you need is a good set of fingers.


If you have difficulty getting chain into place I would use a zip-tie and use it to pull the chain into position

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Thank you so much for the responses. Didn’t know it can be done without the tool.

To be clear, the tool you linked is not only unnecessary but also incompatible with VEX EDR Chain — it’s meant for VEXPro chain or equivalent metal chain from other manufacturers, which is quite different from the EDR high-strength chain.

More broadly, VEXPro parts are not legal for use in VRC (except in VEXU) and are generally incompatible with EDR parts - the VEXPro line is mostly meant for use by FTC and FRC teams.


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