tool for RobotC autonomous period programming

Hello world ! :slight_smile:
I’ve made a graphical tool (free, written in python, still Beta) aimed at programming a Vex robot with robotC. For now it can generate code only for tank drive robots, but I’m working on the other configurations :slight_smile:

The principle is easy, pick the pen tool and click wherever you want on the screen, then press “return” to stop drawing. Click on the “wrench” button to set up a few parameters about your robot and finally press the “C++” button to generate the code ! :cool: save it where you want, then copy it in your robotC program.

As this is still a Beta version, let me know if you find some bugs I'll try to fix it as soon as I can, and if you want to suggest improvements you can create a topic on sourceforge!/ or simply answer in this one :)

Happy programming !

Wait you draw your autonomous? I’m slightly confused as to what this does…

Seems interesting…I’ll have to check it out.

You will draw the path the robot will “follow” (I’m not sure its the good word, as it is a virtual path ^^’) and the software will generate a function called “void motion1()”. When you will call this function in your task main() (or anywhere else) the robot will follow this exact path from its position.

A :cool: feature about this :wink: I added the “Flag” button so that you will be able to locate yourself easily in the generated source code to add some functions calls like “picksacks();” for instance :wink:

currently my team and I are making a video to present it :wink: but I thought that you might need information about the robot design that fits to this program (by the way, his name is Picasso) :

(I’m writing it right now)

this should also work for some H-honolomic bots but I haven’t tested yet ^^

How do I use the tool, like where is it.