Tools and safety gear

We are getting ready to organize the robotics/multipurpose room at a school. Does anyone have pictures and tips on how to organize the tools, power tools, and safety gear? Pictures would be very helpful. Thank you!!

We have a TON of shelving for all of the robots, as well as cupboards and cabinets for all of the parts and tools.
We store all of our drivers on on these holders that screw into the cabinet door.
We still need to find a better system for charging our batteries, so we are working on that.
Any tools that are not specific to VEX are stored in other cabinets and toolchests.
We all wear safety gear when someone is using the saw to cut pieces and make sure to file all sharp edges that remain on the metal.

There are TONS of forum posts on all aspects of shop tools, safety, work flow, and other things. I reccomend that you search around for them.

Thank you!!