Tools for graphical debugging?

I use PROS and when debugging in the past it has been hard to try and visualize whether the numbers line up, which is why I am interested in graphically debugging. I have seen other teams do it and when I checked PROS documentation there was a section for JINX graphically debugging, but wasn’t out yet. I was wondering if anyone knew any tools for me to graph the changing values of variables?

You could stream the variables to the terminal, using this (make sure u include #include <iostream> at the top

std::cout << some variable;
std::cout << “    “ << some variable;

Cout prints to the terminal. On the second variable, u must use “ “ to create spacing in between the printed variables

then copy all the numbers (ctrl + a, then ctrl + c) to excel or google spreadsheets. Then go to the data tab and split text into columns. Now create a table and see your data.