Tools for vex

Hi, I wanted to know what tools are necessary or useful for building a robot. I use a dremel, allen wrenches, wrenches, a vice, and a drill. What do you guys use? I was thinking that this would be useful. This also looks useful. If you have any ideas or insights that you’d like to share please do.

-Files (Varying sizes)
-Tin Snips
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Cutting Pliers

Yes and yes. We use both tools you referenced. The small chop saw did wonders for cutting productivity as c-channels are the main building block of Vex robots. We tried a bigger one thinking it would be better, but it just made a mess of aluminum pieces causing much more to file. No where near as danerous as a free wheeling dremel.

This is probably the one time you want to buy the replacement protection. We have used that twice now with the chop saw. And buy plenty of replacement blades.

The bench grinder from HF is a bit wimpy. We eventually bought a bigger one. It is not too much more in price. We bought out bigger one elsewhere though.

Black Friday sales are coming up and you would be amazed at what you can get for Vex tools on sale.

With both these tools be sure to buy one of these: (why the price for two is so much more than one I will never know)

I would also add a belt sander, we’ve found it be extremely helpful. And of course also a drill, or a drill press if you have one, as well as measuring tapes and squares (90° angles).

For screwdrivers and wrenches, take a look at the items we have available. We are a distributor for Wiha, Bondhus, and Felo, which are all brands that are well known for good quality.

i highly recommend a vice, it helps hold things when your cutting them, straightens things out, and gives you a sturdy surface to hammer things out on

Yes! And in addition to a big vise, one of these is nice to take with you to competitions.

personally, i recommend one of these, because you dont have to have a table to attach them to, and you can simply put them on the cart your team has (which i recommend but is not strictly necessary) or on the floor, this has saved my team many times last year,


I just found this which looks useful.

We use a band saw for our aluminum.

vertical or horizontal?