tools to cut the steel plates or c channels

Hi All,

Which tool/saw do you use to cut the steel plates or c channels?


Many teams use Dremels with a cut off wheel meant for metal. Other teams like to use chop saws too

My team usually uses bandsaws to cut most things and Dremels to cut axles.
If you’re tight on money or at a competition, a hacksaw with a fine blade works as well.

Thank you all!

If you need something cheap, Use a hacksaw, you can usually find these for under 10 dollars and blades are relatively cheap too. I used one those for my entire middle school years and it worked fine. If you have little more money, I would suggest getting a Dremel/Rotary tool. They are awesome at getting in smaller spaces. Many times this year i have built something then realized that there was a little too much material and cut it with that. They can cost upwards of 60 too 100 dollars

Assuming you already have an order, Robosource sells high quality handsaws for as cheap as you will be able to find.

I have a nice $40 angle grinder and I love it. Can get any job done.

Heck yeah where’s the angle grinder squad at?

In the lab, for simple cuts, we use bolt-cutters (from the hardware store, like you’d use to cut off a padlock). Awesome & easy for 1x pieces, shafts, and L-angles. Doable but messier for c-Channels.

for quick cuts, we tend to use tin snips, and by quick, I mean less than 25 seconds. These generally work for c channel or anything like it. For less janky cuts we use either an aluminum bladed hacksaw, a dremel, or angle grinder if a lot of things need cut (such as a piece of c channel lengthwise).