Tools used in VEX robotics?

What tools do people use?
Right now, we have snips, a dremel, a drill, and screwdrivers, but I was wondering if any other tools are helpful.

Also, our screwdrivers are wearing out and we would like to refurbish the tips without replacing them. We use the VEX ones, and we already flipped them so we have used both sides. Is it possible to cut them to get more out of them?

Yes. We cut ours down when they’re worn. After cutting it you may need to file the end down a small amount as sometimes it won’t fit in the hole. And I’d suggest needle nose pliers. And possibly a hammer for bending.

hi, i started a similar post a while back … see if any of this helps

These can be very useful:

Also these:
I know you wanted to save your old wrenches but these make a huge difference in the time it takes for me to assemble something.

also a great pair of safety glasses for the driver(s)
I am partial to these:

this may seem on the expensive side but the best driver can’t react to what he doesn’t see.

Of course their are a plethora of things that find their way into our toolboxes, it all depends on personal preference.

Other than that, just make sure to bring a hacksaw incase your dermal dies/ you run out of cut-off wheels.

Primary Tools
-Hex Keys
-Pliers (slip joint and needle nose)
-Measuring Tape
-Wire Cutters

Minor Tools
-Wire Cutters
-Hack Saw
-Tin Snips

Other Tools(Rarely Used)
-Miter Saw
-Jig Saw
-Heat Gun
-Multitool: Wire Stripper + Crimpers
-T square

Do you consider Autodesk Inventor and Robot C as a tool? If so, then add that to minor tools

agreed, good list of tools.

  • just to add: pump for pneumatics …

I’m just getting started - new program, I’m new to the school (a middle school), and I have received 4 out of 10 kits along with a competition playfield.

What specific sizes of allen wrenches and combo wrenches/nut drivers (for nuts) do I need?

For hex wrenches, I think I need:
5/64" (gold motor screws)
3/32" (regular black screws)
1/8" (playfield screws)

For combo wrenches, I think I need:
7/16" (large playfield screws)
3/8" (smaller playfield screws)
?/?" (regular black screws - what size is this…not one I have in my modest collection of SAE wrenches)

Also, as I’ll be buying a number of these, is there a go-to source for inexpensive T-handle hex wrenches, combo wrenches, and nut drivers in the sizes needed for VEX?



If you mean the nuts (keps or nylock), then it’s a 11/32"

That’s them, thanks!

these are the sizes according to vex:

as for tools, we always got them from here:
but I don’t know if others sell cheaper.

rather than going for bulk inexpensive, get a few expensive. Get a non-ball 3/32 allen, a ball 5/64 allen, and a good 11/32 nut driver.
Use the brands Hudy and RD-logics for the allens, and Losi for the nut driver. You can find these on ebay.
Also, McMaster probably has some good allens, as others have pointed out.

Wiha Tools allen wrenches are the best I’ve ever used. My oldest are six or seven years old and still going strong. They are especially good for motor screws. They cost a lot more than most brands, but they are terrific.

Search the forum for old tool recommendation threads. There are a lot of them.