Top Contenders/Teams in your area.

What Are the top dogs in your regions or state? Just curious and would like to see what it is like in other places. What regions are the most competitive?

List as of about a year ago.

For Arizona, I’d have to say Lemon Bots (127A, @Aponthis), Phoenix Lights (8800, @Nathan Rossi), and Microchip Robotics (5090A).

For Virginia, definitely The Iron Bots (6380X/Y/Z) and Gear Geeks (8044/B). They wrecked everyone last year. The Iron Bots are still top dog this year, but I’ve heard Gear Geeks haven’t been doing too well recently.

For Idaho, 9551A (Starstrikers), 1588A (Sideways Minds), and 1588B (Wayne Enterprises). Nothing too competitive at the moment though… the tourney on Friday should give some moreinformation. :smiley:

I’m on 127C this year. We score faster than 127A (we actually did a head-to-head). 127A is still great, though. They do have the high hang we lack, but I don’t think that counts for much.

Don’t forget 2114Z. He has the best bot in AZ right now. I’m coming close and improving my bot like everyone else, so who knows

And you definitely can’t exclude ACP this season. Though, I’m unsure if they’ll keep up later in the year (show me, @Carl and friends!).

Ah, I forgot about Automata, I haven’t seen their bot this year. Can’t wait to see them at Microchip.

Automata has moved on to vex U. His brother (da vinci) is quite good. This year arizona has quite a few good teams. The competition is tough. Some of these teams are-
127a , 127b, 778, 6030/6030j is quite good this year, 8800, 2114z, 5090a, and 745v (no bias i promise :slight_smile: )
This makes me kind of worried as state will be extremely competetive.

You know I’m on 127C, right? You don’t need to worry about 127B. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Colorado the top teams are 974X Cyberbrains (@Cyber brains), 9019A, and 3946.

As an unbiased Referee I have to say B is better than C :wink:


I know you’re trolling me, but this is getting a bit frustrating. Should have gone with 127X!

I told you to use 127X

I don’t remember that. At least I get 127A next year.

Really, what we need is a Team 127A Battle Royale to determine the real 127A.

In Indiana, 323Y is dominating. They have the 5th highest skills score in the world right now. 6210X is also very strong as is 6842Z (a middle school team). Right now, I would have to say these are the top 3 teams in Indiana.

From Northwest Washington, the three teams that have dominated in the two tournaments my club has participated in this season are 4361J, 4361T, 8931B & 54361R.

In Norcal:

86868, the 8000 crew, 5327C cause they have a dank robot, 5776T cause also have a pretty dank robot

For Tennessee, Brentwood Academy (9364) is trumps in the state. They’re so good that last year they decided to bring my team to Worlds with them at the state tournament. Although the Collierville teams (which include my team :slight_smile: ) are looking to give them a strong challenge this year. We already have 4 teams qualified for state and are going to another tournament in January to qualify some more, hopefully at least 2 more. Besides Collierville, RoboPanthers may also be a strong contender if they get qualified.

Gear Geeks here. Yes, we’re having a slow start this year. We picked a design that is different than the crowd (we like to be different) but are still working the kinks out.

However, on the high school side here in Virginia, the Woodbridge teams 1575 are pretty much walloping everyone else. Notables are 1575D and 1575X. Semiconductors 8086A and X are pretty tough as are Alvin and Simon 6740 A and B. Born to Bot, 180 is also a strong team but they seem to be struggling this year. But when it all comes together for them, they’ll be kicking some butt.

I’ve watched videos from other areas and I think we have some really top teams here in Virginia.

In Georgia 1961 A,B,D,E (i think) and 3921B for high school. Middle school, 2831x, 7268a, and 6855.

In Virginia here,

HS-Wise it’s 1575’s year. Every year there seems to be one of those teams that goes on a tear, this year it’s 2 of them. States is gonna be really fun to watch. 6740 teams and the Semiconductors also will make some noise. 180 has a slow start, but I think they’ll get back up to speed very quickly.

For MS, Iron Bots and Gear Geeks are still the cream of the crop. We’ll see Benton a bit as well, but it’s very early MS wise.