Is there anywhere where the rankings for top OPR/DPR/CCWM would be listed?

This page contains all the OPR/DPR/CCWM data for this season, but you might need to do some analysis on it yourself to get it into a nice format.

That link seems to be broken for me.

It should look like this:

Is that what you see?

It’s supposed to be an API, not a web page. The idea is that you write a program that requests that page, and then does further processing on the information it gets back.

OPR, DPR and CCWM can’t really be compared across events (well maybe CCWM can be?) so there’s no rankings I’ve made across events so far.

How would you also pick the right CCWM? Last result? Average for the season? I can definitely make this table for rankings of each season by CCWM.

what do all these acronym mean??

Collin, OPR and DPR are values from a system that aims to “estimate” or solve for the average point contribution from a given team.
OPR stands for Offensive Power Rating.
DPR stands for Defensive Power Rating.
CCWM is slightly different, it is Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin. Put simply, it’s how useful you will be to an alliance, and how you increase that alliance’s chance of winning.

You could have a highest opr ranking just like you have a highest scores ranking.

I’m sorry if this is a noob question, but how would I go about analyzing this and putting it into a better format?

how are these values calculated, how does one determine these things, is it based on skills scores, or win/loss ratios?