Top teams from the regions

The point of this thread is to point out some good teams that haven’t been in videos or at nationals.
My top three High school from Oklahoma are

4004a Boone Apache (they were at nationals but I’m not sure if there are videos of them.

2398f Foxtrot, Their design is very different from anything I’ve seen since I only say it for the first time yesterday.

4377b Purcell Robotics if they’ve recovered from nationals cause I know that he’s not used to being beat that bad.

My top three from middle school are (also the only two)

  1. 4501m

  2. 4501g


Feel free to include pics if you have them.

I’m guessing you don’t rank yourself in this kind of thing?

Indiana High School:

  1. 5003
  2. 323X
  3. 7701

Indiana Middle School:

  1. 323G
  2. 323C
  3. 7515C

(no bias towards the 323 teams. I’m just telling you guys who the “best” are in Indiana)

Those are the best teams in Indiana. We (323X/Z) are really looking forward to Worlds! It is going to be a blast.

You can if you feel amazing, and we all know 323z is.

VA - High School:
12G, 12A, 12C

VA - Middle School

The thing about Virginia VEX is many of these teams are Northern Virginia based.

From Michigan, there were no teams totally outstanding. Many of these teams have improved, and/or built New worlds bots. I won’t include us (7580A). I am ranking this on my opinion, there are no official stats that this is based on, this is purely personal opinion.

From High School:
1)7581H (built a new catapult for worlds, and has worked well in testing)
2)217D (at nationals)
3)This spot could be taken by a bunch of close teams in skill:
4540F, 4540C, 4540D are probably the most likely to take this spot.

I didn’t include us because that sounds conceited. (We are a high school team)

Middle school:
35A & 35B were the middle school state champs. (I don’t know which one is better.)

In Georgia, i must mention team 1264, dunwoody high school. Not sure whether they are active on forum or not, they are beasts. Go search them on gael force or whatever scouting app, they have four teams and they won more than ten champions this year. In georgia they are the highest level elite team i saw other than robodragon 675.
Except for that, I also like team 5203 ola high school, georgia. They are also attending worlds two years in a roll, and they are not weak or mediocre at all. That’s why they won georgia excellence award, their A team.
The fastest robot i have seen in georgia state is 5278, six motor one to three drive speed demon. They did great and beat us in quarterfinals. Our strategy was to use our torque drive to block them, but nobody could catch them.
Responding to the thread, the teams i mentioned are great teams that i did not see on forum a lot this year. Our friends like 1961, 4495 and 383 are also amazing, but i think we have seen them so about georgia I’ll just mention this much. Good luck to everyone at worlds!

In florida, I’d rank it like this

  1. 508
  2. 4411 (I believe B, but it could also be C)
  3. 1360x

508 is so reliable. Their lift speed is very low, and they could be better at large balls, but they have great drivers and coaching. The ability to do everything allowed them to simply out maneuver other robots at competition

4411b I believe is the standard efficiency robot that’s etched into my mind. Very fast lift, bucky, large, and powerful catapult. Great drivers, dont know much about a coach. I do know they actually 2vs1 their sister team and another team.

1360x Very fast robot, coupled with a skilled driver makes it quite deadly. It’s whopping 6 motor drivetrain with full omnis and an intake which keeps up with the system makes it a powerful bucky ball scorer, and great defensive robot. However, it’s large ball ability was lacking with a weirdly controlled scoop

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High School:
2527A-The Five

Middle School:
2626C-Xavier Middle School

1200 teams won the state championship, and nationals. They are strong every year.
2527A was a finalist at state, and had a very high driver skills, former team (2177) won worlds middle school excellence

2626C won the middle school state championship and the excellence award
2177 also won middle school state,

You just did…

Best teams from New England going to worlds in my opinion…(Not including any 40 teams)

1) 44 - Amazing robot that I believe didn’t lose a tournament the entire year.
2) 134A - Another great robot that has been successful all year.
3) 2625, 4886A, 3010A - These guys have been consistently good all year and should do very well at worlds

Can’t wait till Worlds!:slight_smile:

I can and would rank 7580A in those top few MI teams as well as you are one of the few teams here with a high-speed drive, dongle, and high-scoring autonomous programs.

217D, the Thunderchickens will definitely be a force to be reckoned with after making the quarterfinals at US Open and having the 5th (?) highest MEC in their division on Vex Stats.

7173 from Belding has an omni-capable top roller and an immensely powerful robot that is great at defense. They almost beat us at states (it came down to 2 points!).

35, 36, and 37 from Cranbrook also shouldn’t be forgotten as they have solid, reliable robots and drivers. 35 won States with 4540F, and 36 was a great partner to work with in the Eliminations, winning every match they played in the QFs and SFs.

Good luck to all teams at Worlds! We look forward to meeting you and seeing all of the great robots!

Indiana Teams:
1: 323z very fast and reliable, multiple autonomous routines, outstanding driver and programming skills, and an awesome full field launcher.

2: 5003 very fast and reliable with great driver skills. Reliable backwards catapult. Although they had a tipping issue at the indiana state competition.

3: Not sure here. 323x is very good but there are a few other teams I can’t remember the names of that are also very good.

All in all. Watch out for indiana teams this year!

Like everyone else, I won’t list my own team (2059A).

California’s a big place, so I’ll just list off the top teams that I’ve played with and against.

  1. 21 - I think that one’s a no-brainer.
  2. 8000A - Always a solid robot with good drivers.
  3. 254D - They’ll toss the balls sky-high. Literally.

5327A and B should also be noted.

Don’t these guys have a well connected mentor? Or is that FRC only.

As a referee I’ll just give some of my opinions for Maryland:

High School:

  1. 7135 – absolutely amazing team, might be a rookie team – if not, I do not remember them, so they’ve certainly improved incredibly.
  2. 24B, 24A (I’m allowed to add them because I’m graduated ;)), 929W, 5588C, 5588E, 5588H (sorry, can’t decide who I like best. :P)
  3. 944A, 1893C, 1893D

Middle School:

  1. 24Z – these guys have impressed me all year – solid robot, and an impressive catapult.
  2. 351A (haven’t gotten a chance to watch these guys, but I know they’re pretty darn good)
  3. 9080S

No, they’re from the same area and technically from the same organization but from what I’ve been told, I don’t think the VEX team and Mr. Copioli interact much at all.

Nebraska Middle School


Please note that to create an unbiased list, these teams were chosen in collaboration with a couple other teams from the region so that no team was selecting themselves without everyone being in agreement. If your not on the list, dont take offence. the world knows how strong Ontario is and your all amazing!

1.5225A: Great group of talented individuals. lots of great autonomous runs. they will need to make auton improvements if they want to stay BETTER than everyone. other teams are starting to match their autons now. I think theyve got an ace up their sleeve for programming skills as they can definately do more than theyre showing. I predict that they will show up with a new lighter chassis and a new high hang capability.

  1. 3560z - they’ve been contenders all years and have really done some damage in driver skills. watch for them at worlds. if you don’t scout them well and you go up against them, they may ruin your day :wink:

3.2560E: Due to unfixable mechanical failures, 2560E is going to drive the 2560 bot at worlds. this means that the more experienced drive team of 2560E has taken hold of the better bot, 2560 for worlds, making a dangerously good combination. The 2560 bot has much better skills scores with an official score of 60 which comes nowhere near its max. They also have great auton runs making them contenders to go far at worlds.

  1. 6060B. Great bot that has proven themselves all season as well. All around good team. they are only as low as 4th because they are all around as opposed to being really good at one specific thing. watch for them to show up on the prog skills and driver skills leader board early in the weekend.

  2. 2560: 2560 will drive a new robot for worlds. it is definitely a force to be reckoned with but it is ranked 5th due to the fact it has never competed in its current state. it is the fastest bot i’ve seen all year by far and it has a fast arm too. new intake allows for really easy collect of buckys and decent collection of large balls. Huge programming skills scores have been unofficially recorded so watch for 2560 to rank high as well.

Again, these are my top 5 teams from Ontario and please don’t look at us as a biased team for ranking ourselves.

I saw 24z video and wondered if they have a magic intake or if they can hang?

The most consistent and dominate robot on the floor this year was 359A. It’s a shame we won’t get to see them at VEX Champs this year.