Topic title disappearing on new forum header

So I was browsing the forum using safari, which was in split screen with another app. I noticed that the header that contains the title of the topic had disappeared.

Is there any way for the forum admins (specifically the CSS wizard @DRow) to get this back? It’s fairly inconvenient to scroll to the top of a 100+ post thread to only see the title/category.

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Edit: here is what I actually see

image image

If you scroll down the title should appear again. But then again I’m on mobile

See this post and those that follow it, where a discussion of forum header changes started.

Notably, today, under some circumstances I have seen an even more confounding header:



With me the header doesn’t seem to disappear, however sometimes it just stops responding, I have to then reload the page.

Another example:

yeah I really dislike the new header. buggy, and just not as nice ad the old one


@DRow. bring back the old header please.


Looks like the topic headers have been reverted back to the old style, but that’s just from browsing RN, on one device. I have no way to test mobile/computer/split screen atm.

Edit: pic

2nd edit: nvm apparently

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nope its back how it was for me. thanks @DRow

I believe we have all of the issues with the forum header taken care of.

If you notice anything else, let us know here.

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Post title still disappears for me when scrolling up:


Mobile safari on iOS 13.1 public beta

I believe that is normal Discourse behavior, so you can see the title while scrolling down, but easily get to your profile/menu/controls and home link when scrolling up.

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It doesn’t on my iPad running ios12.

Ironically this thread’s header always worked correctly for me lol