Toronto VEX Robotics Championship Results

I’ve attached the qualification and elimination results from the Toronto VEX Championship, held Saturday, November 28, 2009.
Qualification Results.pdf (45.2 KB)
Rankings.pdf (25.1 KB)
Elimination Results.pdf (23.5 KB)
Elimination Bracket.pdf (14.9 KB)

Here are the Skills Competition results and the awards list.
Programming Skills.pdf (19.8 KB)
Robot Skills.pdf (21.4 KB)
Awards.pdf (23.8 KB)

Aren’t these the results from last year? The winners look awfully familiar

Consistency at its best. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d awfully love to see some pictures. :smiley:

  • Sunny

I’d awfully love to see 1114A’s autonomous code. :smiley:

Hot dawg, It must be some autonomous if bp is asking to the see the code. :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t forget who was in the finals for last years autonomous at worlds

Um, 2921 and 575?

oh crap… i messed up my memory w/ that and driver controlled (i think… can’t remember anything anymore)

You flatter. 83 points is almost twice as high as the previous record in my book, and 1114A is an offensive bot (not a defensive wall like 294).

Rick’s right, but 1114A was in the top 10. I was under the impression that it had some misfortune earlier in the tournament (like 575 did in finals, though their autonomous normally scored more).

Looking back at the scores, there are some pretty good robots that might be overlooked. 1114Z placed second to 1114A in everything (tournament, RS, PS), and probably would’ve swept any other tournament. And does anybody know how 211A dropped so low in the rankings after scoring 80 points in Robot Skills?

Congratulations to Wobourn on leading both Finalists teams and also hosting an event that ran so smoothly. We actually finished qualifiers 1/2 hour ahead of schedule! Thanks to 2027 and 993 for being great alliance partners and 2027 on their Build Award for an amazing robot.

Had loads of fun at the Toronto VEX Tournament. Super entertaining, really well run, and the upgrades to the cameras on the big screen made a big difference this year.

I have to admit that to me, one robot really stole the show in terms of pure entertainment value: 1605.

I made it a point to watch each and every one of their matches.

In a deep field of really great robots, this team really did something that turned heads, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who adopted this team as their “favourite team” at the tournament.

They might have just gotten an unlucky pairing in alliances. Twice so far in Pan Pacific we’ve been paired up with teams that were completely ineffectual and went up against a robot that was our equal. The ineffectual robots can really get in the way, even with holonomic, and it takes a very good team (or two very bad opponents) to win a 2v1.

211A was struck many times by problems on the field where their robot would just cease to function, or continuously reset and execute the autonomous routine. I don’t know if they’ve isolated the problem since then, but the leading suspicion at the time was some sort of static buildup. I’m sure they will be much more competitive next weekend in St. Catharines.

In Toronto the judges decided to announce finalists for every award, as well as the winner. I’ve included the list of finalists below, with the award winner highlighted.

** Energy Award:**
211A - Robodogs, Sir Winston Churchill SS
1219 - Iron Eagles, Emery CI
1246 - Klockworx, Agincourt CI
**1305 - NNSRI, Near North DSB

**Judges’ Award:
1219 - Iron Eagles, Emery CI
1419 - VEXrookie, (Non School Team)
1605 - The Hawks, George Harvey CI

** Sportsmanship Award:**
478 - Mustang Robotics, Alexander Mackenzie HS
879D - SATEC Team 4, SATEC
1246 - Klockworx, Agincourt CI

** Create Award:**
272 - Spartans, Lorne Park SS
1114Z - Simbotics, Governor Simcoe SS
4242B - Centrobotics, Welland Centennial SS

** Think Award:**
1114A - Simbotics, Governor Simcoe SS
1246 - Klockworx, Agincourt CI
1404 - Shocks, Dr. Norman Bethune CI

** Amaze Award:**
188 - Woburn Robotics, Woburn CI
211A - Robodogs, Sir Winston Churchill SS
1786 - Warrior Robotics, Port Credit SS

** Build Award:**
211A - Robodogs, Sir Winston Churchill SS
1114A - Simbotics, Governor Simcoe SS
2027 - Polar Bear Robotics, (Non School Team)

** Excellence Award:**
211A - Robodogs, Sir Winston Churchill SS
478 - Mustang Robotics, Alexander Mackenzie HS
1114A - Simbotics, Governor Simcoe SS
2027 - Polar Bear Robotics, (Non School Team)