Torque/Gearing help

How can I get this to lift better I need more torque but I can figure out a solution that will be effective and will properly lift up a cube and star and my gearing is a 60 tooth gear to a 36 tooth gear with four motors spinning and It will not lift I need a quick solution and fast PLEASE HELP

Are the motors attached to the 60 tooth gear or the 36 tooth gear? You want the motors driving the smaller gear. That being said, your gear ratio is way too weak (36:60 or 3:5). You need to either go to a 12 tooth gear on your motors to a 60 tooth gear (12:60 or 1:5) or even a 12 tooth gear on your motors to an 84 tooth gear (12:84 or 1:7).

We have four motors two are attached to each axle so each gear has its own motor essentially. So I need to get a smaller gear instead of gear instead of the 36 tooth gear

Do you have motors on both the 36 tooth gears and on the 60 tooth gears? Not clear by what you meant above?

Ya we have motors on both the 36 and 60 tooth gears

That’s bad. All your motors need to be on a 1:1 gear ratio.

That is part of your problem. You should only have motors on the smallest gears. As they are now, they are fighting each other.

We have 2 motors per side(soon to be three!) of our lift, attached to the metal 12teeth gears. Those gears turn a 84 tooth gear with our arm attached. It works really well.

Alternatively, if you haven’t done this yet you can use rubber bands to help the lift rise.

What kind of lift are you using?

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For torque, put both your motors on the 36 tooth gears, then those turn an 84 tooth gear. Boom, More torque.

Edit: For the most torque, put the motors on 12 tooth gears and make those turn an 84 tooth gear, which is connected to the arm.

Since you have the motors on the different gear sizes, you are not getting the strength that you need from the motors. I’ll try to explain this as simply as possible. When you are gearing something up for torque, the smaller sized gears need to be on the motor axle. Say you have a 12 tooth gear on the motor axle and a an 84 tooth gear touching the 12 tooth. This will provide, theoretically, 7 times the torque of the motor itself because 84/12 = 7. Your final gear ratio will be 7:1. (every 7 times the motors spins completely, the final gear will spin once).

Now think about this in terms of having motors on different sized gears that are all touching. Since your gears are 36 tooth and 60 tooth, the smaller gear has to spin 1.6 times for every time the 60 tooth gear spins once. This can’t happen because you would break the motor on the smaller gear. For this reason, you need to move all of your motors to the same sized gear.

As for the gearing you should use, I would say a 5:1 (for torque). However, if you are fairly new to building or you build quality is not the best, you might want to use 7:1 just to lower the chances of it stalling out due to friction. As your build quality gets better, you can lower the gear ratio to 5:1 so you can have a faster robot.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Good luck!

The rubber bands are also a great idea.