Torque or Speed Ratio Mecanum Drive

I want to use a mecanum drive this year but I don’t have much experience in building an effective one. I am using a 4-motor drive and don’t know what gear ratio to use. What should I do?

Dont gear mecs. It’ll lead to drastic inconsistencies between the wheels due to slop.

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So it’s better to have a direct drive.

Generally for mec or x drives you want the wheels directly driven, yes


What you really want to figure out is what size wheel and what rpm cartridge you’ll be using. Diameter of the wheel changes the MA just as much as a gear ratio

I was thinking about using the 4" wheels for now, but am open to change if I need to

4" is the only option for mecanums. there are, however, 3.25" and 2.75" options for omniwheels

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People have made custom diameter wheels (including mec wheels) in the past but id still recommend regular vex wheels or an x drive any day


I’d like to see a picture or video where someone did this with competition legal parts and if it worked well and consistently.


damn. How wide are they (I assume 2 holes)

looks like 3 holes probably

high strength gears are 1 hole and if it was 3 holes it wouldn’t be much better so thats why I think 2 ish holes

Yeah, they look about 2 holes wide.

they’re like 2.5 holes but you’d have to make a 3 hole gap to fit screw heads, and because the gears aren’t quite touching.

jeez now I have to make custom gussets for custom angle x-drive and custom mecanum wheels in cad.

makes sense but is a 3 hole wide base possible, if so then that would be great

I would like to make it clear to anyone reading:

It is not viable to make your own mecanums.

Real ones exist now.

Just don’t.

??? its not 2011‎‎‎‎‎

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but we are all obsessed with making a skinnier base for the agility of it and imagine flexing on other teams and judges with it